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Filling out a Template and AutoNote
Filling out a Group Note
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Filling out Templates and AutoNotes

To fill out a template:

    1. Navigate to a client's page
    2. Click on New Noteabove the Activity Log.
    3. Click on the Note dropdown
    4. Select the template that needs to be filled out
    5. Fill in any blanks, hover over blue boxes to know if it is Free Text or associated with an AutoNote

To fill out an AutoNote:

    1. If a blue box is associated with an Autonote, click on the gray box to the right of the template.
    2. A dialogue box will pop up on the screen. On the bottom of that box, click on the selection or type in the answer to each respective question
    3. Click Append and Close to add these answers to the template. They will populate in the correct area as designated by the template.
    4. Fill out any other AutoNotes to complete the template. You may edit the AutoNote after you click Append and Close if a mistake is made.

Filling out a Group Note

To fill out a Group Note:   

    1. Click on the Group Notes button in the bottom left hand corner.
    2. The Group Notes dialogue box will pop up. If your System Administrator has added you to a group, you will see that group with a New Session button to the right.

    3. Click on the New Session button
    4. On this page, next to Participants click the icon with the green plus sign. This will allow you add contacts from your MyList, tags or search for contacts to add to your session.
    5. Click on the green plus icon next to Signatures to add any required signers to this document.
    6. The top area of the note will be added to all clients' pages. The notes under Individual Participant Notes will be added only to the individual client's page.
    7. If you are still working on the note and need to leave, click Save.
    8. When you are completely done with the note, click Save and Lock. This will lock the note, add signatures, and publish the note to each client's page.

Nursing Assessment

History and Physical


Incident Report