New Android App available

Download the BestNotes app from Google Play now (Apple App available on iTunes). With the new BestNotes mobile app you can harness the power of BestNotes on the go to:

  • Create, edit and access your contacts
  • Modify your MyList and Quicklists
  • View contact's demographic information
  • Make notes on the contact activity log
  • Using the Review Log add your digital signature to documentation requesting your signature
  • Create, edit and access calendar appointments
  • Create, edit and review the Q-log and tasks
  • Access and review completed applications (for those with the correct permissions)

Search for BestNotes in Google Play or click here to be taken to the app page.


New Report Builder Options

Now available in the Report Builder are new "Fields to Display" options for "Levels of Care" (Programs) and "Age at Admission". These are found under the "Contact Detail" option.

  • Current Program* - Will show the active Program/Level of Care for a client.
  • Current Program DOA* - Will show the DOA (Start Date) for the current Level of Care.
  • Current Program DOD* - Will show the DOD (End Date) for the current Level of Care.
  • Current Program Est. DOD* - Will show the Estimated DOD (End Date) for the current Level of Care.
  • Age at Admit - Will show the Age at Admission (based on the client's DOB (Birth Date) and the Contact Detail DOA (Start Date)).
  *Note: For companies that provide concurrent Levels of Care the returned information will be comma delimited.  

BestNotes also offers new "Filter Criteria" for specific "Age at Admit" and "Levels of Care" (Programs) from the "Contact Detail" option.

  • Current Program - the user will be presented with a drop down list of available Programs to choose from. 
  • Age at Admit -  will allow the user to enter a numerical value (age) that BestNotes will return 

    For Example: If a company serves 16-24 year old clients and wants to find out how many clients were 16 when they were admitted for the calendar year 2012 the following filter criteria would be used:
  • Start Date (DOA) - BETWEEN 20120101 (yyyymmdd) and 20121231
  • Age at Admit - 16


BestNotes Security Update

On August 28th, 2013, BestNotes will be releasing mandatory security updates that address system security. Be advised that these updates are not a reaction to any real or perceived security violation of our application architecture. These updates are simply proactive efforts designed to help BestNotes maintain the best possible security measures as it relates to the protection of our customers data.

Update Contents

These updates include several new ways that will allow system administrators to institute and enforce additional access restrictions and password policies. BestNotes retains the right to enforce what we believe are the minimum acceptable standards relating to password security, but organizations that wish to will now be able to enforce their own, more stringent standards in the following ways:

   Minimum password length – minimum number of characters that must be set in a password
- BestNotes minimum - 8 characters

   Maximum password age – number of days between mandatory password changes
- BestNotes Maximum – 365 days
- BestNotes Recommendation – 30 days
- BestNotes Default – 90 days

   Number of changes between password re-use - number of different passwords before an old password can be used again
- BestNotes requires that a password is different from the users current password
- BestNotes Recommends 12 password changes before a password can be reused

   Minimum character sets
- BestNotes requires a combination of numbers, upper case and lower case letters
- Organizations may also require special characters as well

User Account Lockout

In addition to these updates relating to password content and enforcement, BestNotes will also force mandatory user account lockout in the event of too many failed login attempts. Again, BestNotes retains the right to enforce what we believe are minimum standards relating to this, but organizations can set their own, more stringent standards. Organizational options related to this process include:

   Maximum number of failed login attempts before user account is locked
- BestNotes minimum standard: 9 attempts
- BestNotes Recommendation: 5 attempts

   Minimum lockout period when maximum login attempts is reached
- BestNotes minimum standard: 3 minutes
- BestNotes Recommendation: 5 minutes

Password/Security Policies

If your organization doesn't currently maintain a password/security policy, you should consider getting one in place. In fact, having a defined password/security policy is a requirement of many industry accreditations and certifications. Letting your users know that your organization takes the security of your client’s information seriously is one of the best ways to help prevent security breaches. Consider devoting at least a few minutes each time you meet with your staff to discuss security and ways to help improve your organizations policies. These updates will allow your organization to dutifully enforce the contents of your internal security policies and promote a safe and secure system for housing your clients’ information.

For more information relating to security policies and protection of electronic information, see:


Preparing for the Update

BestNotes will continue to provide notifications relating to this update as the release date draws near.

Because of the newly enforced password change minimums, many of your users may be required to change their passwords the day this update is released. To ensure that your administrators aren't bogged down with support calls the entire day, you may want to consider forcing a staggered password change during the time leading to the update. If you would like help with this, please contact BestNotes support at (208) 543-6646 or team@bestnotes.com for assistance.

If your organization already maintains a password/security policy and you know ahead of the update what your organizations settings will be for the above described configuration options, you can submit them to BestNotes support before the update occurs to have those options active when the update is released.

Finally, visit the BestNotes Help Documentation site at crmdocs.bestnotes.com (or accessible by clicking the  icon within BestNotes), to read about this update, how to access the new features relating to this and for links to additional information that can help you maintain an effective security policy for your organization.


Mobile App for Apple Devices

Check out BestNotes on your iPhone or iPad mobile device now (Android App coming soon). With the new BestNotes mobile app you can harness the power of BestNotes on the go to:
  • Create, edit and access your contacts
  • View their demographic information
  • Make notes on their activity log
  • Create, edit and access calendar appointments
  • Create, edit and review the Q-log and tasks
  • Access and review completed applications (for those with the correct permissions)
To use the mobile version of BestNotes, you must first have the "Remote/Mobile Access" permission. *Please check with your System Administrator to make sure you have this permission. If you do not, when you try to login, it will say "Invalid user login." To login to the mobile application you will need to have your Site ID, username and password.


 You will start on your contacts page, which will list your “My List”, the different main sections the app supports, and the ability to search your contacts not located on your MyList.
To transition from screen to screen within the app, you can use the different functions at the bottom of your device. You can search for contacts with the search button located in the top right-hand corner of the contact page.
When on a client's page, you can see their demographic informatoin, as well as navigate between the client detail page and the activity log located at the bottom of the screen. You can always return to the home screen, using the Home button. To edit the client's page use the icon in the upper right hand corner above the client's picture.


Activity Log

The activity log is where you can view all the activity this contact has been associated with including appointments, uploaded files, and notes. The activity log is ordered chronologically with the newest entries being at the top of the log.  You can view created documents and templates, but they cannot be edited. To create a new log note, click on the New button in the upper right corner of the screen.


The calendar is where you can see all your appointments, another user's appointments that you have access to, and create new appointments.

Q-log and Tasks

The Q-log where you can send new messages, view current messages and respond, and view your archived messages. You can also view your tasks, so that you can manage your task list and add tasks on the go.


The client PIN signature system allows a client and related contacts to digitally sign documents using a secret PIN number.  Contacts must be on-site to use the PIN system.

Setup Client PIN

In order for a client to obtain a PIN, users must have the Setup Contact PINs permission. (Contact your BestNotes administrator for this permission)

With the Setup Contact PINs permissions, users will see the letter e icon with a pencil. at the top of the page.

1.    1. Click on the Setup contact PIN icon. It will lock the screen of the BestNotes window allowing the client/contact to select their PIN number without seeing sensitive information. 

The client will type in their PIN number, confirm, and hit "Submit".

Client signing notes

To have a client sign notes, the user must first add the client as a signer on the document.

  1. Click on the Add Signers button. 
  2. Choose the client's name under Logged Contacts, it will appear in green.
  3. On the activity log you will see a button letting you know the client’s signature is required on that document.
  4. To sign individual notes you can click on this button.   It will lock the screen of the user, and allow the client to add their PIN number.  This adds their digital signature to the individual note.
  5. To sign multiple notes at a time, you can click on the sign all notes buttonon the Activity log. This will lock the screen and allow the client to add their PIN number to all documents requiring their signature. This adds their digital signature to all documents that they sign. 
    The sign all notes icon looks like this - 



Admissions Module Permissions

Staff who can modify User permissions now have the ability to assign or remove access to the Admissions Module. The new User permission has been added to the Organization permission section.



Date Span Filter on Activity Log and General Log

Companies can now filter for notes using a date span on the General Log and a client's Activity Log. From the Activity Log this update will allow users to view or print a group of notes for the selected date range or user. On the General Log it will allow a user to view a group of notes for the date range or user selected.

To access the date span filter, click on the carroticon to expand.   

Users can filter by user and/or date span.


Group Notes


New Special Fields
NEW special fields have been added for use in pulling information into documents. These special fields will help you pull in a list of users into an Autonote or template or a list of providers into an Autonote or a template.
Data Form Fields {XDATA_data field number} List of all active providers sorted by first name, last name (AUTONOTE)
e.g. {XDATA_112} Provider 1 list (Autonote) {X_PROVIDER1}
Med/Clinical Fields {XMDATA_field number}  Provider 1 list (Inline) {X_PROVIDER1_TXT}
e.g. {XMDATA_354} Provider 2 list (Autonote) {X_PROVIDER2}
Provider 2 list (Inline) {X_PROVIDER2_TXT}
List of all active users sorted by first name, last name (Autonote) {XUSERLIST} Provider 3 list (Autonote) {X_PROVIDER3}
List of all active users sorted by first name, last name (Inline) {XUSERLIST_TXT} Provider 3 list (Inline) {X_PROVIDER3_TXT}
Provider 4 list (Autonote) {X_PROVIDER4}
Provider 4 list (Inline) {X_PROVIDER4_TXT}
A full list of all Special Fields can be found HERE.


Client Pin Signature
The client PIN signature system allows a client and related contacts to digitally sign documents using a secret PIN number. Contacts must be on-site to use the PIN system.
More information can be found HERE.



Treatment Planning Library Module

We have a dedicated multi-disciplinary Treatment Planning area complete with the DSM-IV codes and criteria. The treatment team will be able to add a diagnosis and create problems with associated goals, objectives and interventions. Information from the Treatment Plan automatically populates the Treatment Plan Review and Discharge Summary.
System administrators, please contact BestNotes to have this feature enabled.



Level of Care - Client-based management for stages of care.

The Episode tab captures program specific information, including level of care, start date, estimated end date, end date, relevant staff (i.e. Therapist, Case Manager, etc.), and location (if specified).
More information can be found HERE



Default User Types

System Administrators are now able to create User Types based on staff roles. Administrative staff will be able to use Default User Types to streamline adding or updating a user's permissions.
More information can be found HERE



New notification system!

We wish to thank you for your suggestions and ideas. Your input has made BestNotes a stronger and more comprehensive software solution. 
Stay tuned for future releases. Our team has exciting things planned for the future!