The reports area allows a user to create and save custom reports. It also has a number of default reports which will allow tracking of the admission rate and marketing success.


Creating and Using a Report with Report Builder

Building a Report

When clicking on the reports button in the lower left hand corner of the dashboard, the report building screen will appear. To build a report, first choose what information needs to be displayed, to do this click on the areas in the green box in the upper left hand corner and choose the fields that need to be displayed by checking he boxes next to each item.

After choosing the fields that need to be displayed, set some filters to gather the information that will be reported. In the the blue bar a filter to select what type of contact is available. Additional criteria to filter by is accessed by clicking on the first box under Filter Criteria. This will produce a list of filters to specify criteria. When the criteria is selected, choose the next step by selecting an option in the drop down box. This can be done by filling all five criteria boxes. After defining the criteria, the user can specify if the individual needs to meet "All" of "Any" of the criteria below the Filter Criteria text boxes.

Here is an example on how to create a report that shows all current clients:
    1. Select First and Last name from the Fields to Display.
    2. Select Clients from the blue bar.
    3. Choose TAG under the first box in Filter Criteria.
    4. Choose Equal from the next drop down box.
    5. Choose CRM Current from the last drop down box.
    6. Choose to match "All" criteria.
    7. Click View Report, and a report will generate from the criteria specified.

Report Functions

Once the report is generated, a few options will appear in the green bar across the top of the report. The first from left to right is the ability to export the information in a spreadsheet format, this will allow the user to manipulate the information, such as creating graphs or ordering the information. The next function allows the user to print the report and the last function allows the user to save the search criteria to run the report again at a later date.

Saved Reports

The Saved Reports section is a list of any reports that have been built in the past that were saved. This allows the user to save time when needing information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A report can be built once and then modified to reflect the information needed at any given time.