Group Notes

The Group Notes area is used to create group notes that can record general group information and specific information to a group that works with a particular client. This information can then be sent to the client specific information and general information to the client's face page.

Setting Permissions to Create Group Notes

Every user who needs to create Group Notes must have this permission checked.

1. Click Settings>Users>Permissions there is a sub section titled Clinical.
2. Click on the permission Create Group Notes for all staff who need to create Group Notes.
3. Then the System Administrator needs to log in and setup the User Groups.
4. Add all users to that group who need to create Group Notes.
5. Once the User Groups are created, click on Group Notes> Admin to assign which User Groups can write that type of Group Note.

Creating a Group Note Template

To create a Group Note Template:
1. Click on Settings in the bottom left-hand corner.
2. Click on Templates. (If you do not have this button, contact your System Administrator for the Manage Templates permission.) The Template Builder will open up.
3. Click on Create New template and give your template a title.
4. Add [BLANK==   ]. Everything between these brackets will appear on all clients' pages. Information you may need in this area would be date, duration, session type, and summary notes.
5. Add [GROUP_PARTICIPANTs==   ]. Everything between these brackets will appear on individual client's pages. Information you may need in this area would be attiude, participation, and individual notes.
6. Add [GROUP_SIGNATURES]. This will be where the signatures will appear when Save, Sign and Lock is pushed.

Creating Group Notes

1. To create a Group Note, click on the Group Note button in the bottom left-hand corner. (If you do not have this button and need to create Group Notes, please contact your System Administrator to assign you that permission)
2. To create a new session for notes, click on New Session.
3. Assign the date, time, participants and signers of the document.
4. The participants will automatically be populated within the document, so that notes can be created for each participant.
5. Begin typing the note and remember to Save along the way.
6. When the note is completely finished, click Save & Lock. This will lock the document, add your signature, and send a copy of the participant's note to their individual activity log.

  Participants will not see the entire note on their Activity Log. only the Group Summary and notes on that participant will appear in their Activity Log.

7. To share this information with parents, click on the world icon to send this to the parent portal. NOTE: If it is sent to one participant's portal from the Group Note, every participant will receive the Group Note on their portal.