Documents are accessed by clicking on the Documents button in the lower left hand corner of the dashboard.

The documents area is a repository of documents that are shared by all BestNotes users in the organization. Files can be uploaded to be shared among all users.

Creating Folders

To create a folder, click the Add Folder button, and assign it a name. To add a new name to a folder, click on the folder and then click the rename button in the upper right hand corner.

Uploading Documents

To upload a document, double click the folder that the file belongs to, then click the upload file button. A prompt to browse the system will appear. Select the file to upload, add a description and restrict the files visibility to specific groups within the organization.

  The file can be no larger that 5MB in size. Any file larger than this will leave your screen uploading and will not move anywhere.

Editing Settings

To edit a file name or group restrictions, click on the file and the editing option buttons; Email File, Properties, or Delete will appear in the upper right side of the documents page.