To search for a contact, type in the person's first or last name in the search bar located in the upper left hand corner of the screen. It is also possible to search by using a combination of letters from the person's first name and any combination of letters of the last name, separated by a comma (e.g. to search for Joseph Regolith, you could type re,jos).
After typing in the contact's name, click on the link that appears under the search result section.

To search for contacts by opening the contact manager, click on the Contacts button in the lower left hand side of the dashboard.

Contact Manager


To sort a contact in the database by tag, type, or alphabetically, at the top of the contact manager are two drop down boxes. The box on the left allows filtering contacts based on the tags they have been assigned. The drop down box on the right allows filtering of contacts by type. Sorting by alphabetic order by the contact's last name is also available.


Some users may want to export their contacts or data to an Excel file or business card style. This is possible by exporting the list as either a .csv file or as a collection of vCards.


To export a contact list in a .csv file format, click on the Excel icon and choose a location to save the file to. This is used for moving your contacts from BestNotes to Outlook or any other contact management application that accepts .csv imports.


To export a contact list in a vCard format, click the business card icon next to the contact list filters. Learn more about vCards.