To change between single day view and the week, work week and month views, use the icons at the top left of the dashboard.
To navigate one day forward or back, use the green arrows on either side of today's date. To overlay another user's calendar, choose their name from the overlay drop down menu above the date.

To view an overview of all users' scheduled appointments, click on the person icon to the right of the right green arrow.


Single-Day Dashboard

After logging in to BestNotes, the user will see the single-day dashboard view.  See the Navigation section above to learn about navigating between calendar views.

Creating Appointments

New Appointment

To create an appointment, click on calendar on the time to schedule the appointment. A dialogue box will appear for the user to fill out the details of the appointment. In addition to these fields, the user can add Additional Users and log this to a contact. The user may also set the appointment to recur at any interval.

When the private box is checked, the appointment details will not be visible to other users, and that block of time will remain reserved.


BestNotes Calendar has four available views: Day, Work Week, Week and Month.  Each view can be printed using the small printer icon located on the blue navigation bar above the calendar.

When in 'Work Week' or 'Week' views, the printer icon appears at the left side of each day's header for quick printing of that day's view.

In single-day or 'Dashboard' View, the printer icon is located on the top left side of the blue navigation bar.