Creating AutoNotes

Creating Autonotes

Creating a new AutoNote

To create AutoNotes, first navigate to a student’s page and open a template which contains the AutoNote collection needed to add an AutoNote. 

  Creation of individual AutoNotes usually occurs after the creation of the corresponding template.

Once the note is open, the AutoNote collection will be on the right with default buttons underneath each newly created AutoNote collection. To create the first AutoNote in a newly created collection, right click on the AutoNote button labeled Default. This will open a blank data entry window which will have an Edit icon in the upper right hand corner of the window. Clicking on the Edit icon will open the edit AutoNote window.

Similarly to create a new AutoNote in a collection which already has existing AutoNotes, click on the new AutoNote button on the same bar as the collection’s title. This will immediately open the Edit AutoNote window.

Once in the Edit AutoNote window, give the AutoNote a title (found in the upper left hand corner of the window).

In general the AutoNote system will be used to replicate forms where a set response is given for a question. e.g. has the student ever been on probation?   yes/no, if yes explain.) This AutoNote would be created as demonstrated below.

Use of Variables and Text Fields

Two types of input methods in AutoNotes exist; text fields and multiple choice options. These separate input methods are represented by the characters [Tx] and [Vx], where x represents any number 1-8. Each of these characters is inserted into the text portion of the editor at the point you want the input method to appear.

Below the text portion of the editor is the location where you would edit the properties of the input method. Each method has a place to type a title. In the Variable there is room to create 8 variables in a single AutoNote.  With each variable field there is an area to insert a title and an area to type options that need appear when someone fills this form out. In addition to these areas, the options can appear as bullets or numbered bullets by checking one of the boxes above the text fields once they are inserted into the document.

Below the variable fields is the area for editing the properties of the text input methods in your document. Here you have a space to enter a title and the option to input a date picker instead of a place to enter text.

Reordering AutoNotes within a collection

To reorder the way your AutoNotes appear within a collection first navigate to the settings area of BestNotes and click on AutoNotes. Locate the collection that needs to be reorder and click on it to open. Now click on the reorder icon on the right side of the AutoNote collection title bar. In the reorder view highlight the individual AutoNotes and reorder them using the arrows next to the AutoNote selection pane.

Deleting an AutoNote

To delete an AutoNote, simply open the AutoNote edit window and click on Delete at the bottom of the window.