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Episode/Level of Care

Episode/Level of Care

The Episode/Level of Care tab allows a company to track start and end dates, as well as the relevant staff assigned to a client as the client moves through different programs within the company. For example, from Detox to Partial Hospitalization or Residential to Transition.

A user must have the Administer Programs permission to be able to add information about programs.

To access the Level of Care information, click on the Episode tab on the client’s page. This allows a user to add the start and end date of each Level of Care.

1. Click on Add Program.

 2. Enter the Start Date, Program, and Location (optional).

 NOTE: If you have entered in a Date of Discharge on the Client Detail screen, you cannot add a level of care after that date of discharge.

3. Click Save.

4. To return to the list of programs, click on the Return to Episode button.

The Programs are listed with the most recent programs on top.