Contact Basics

Adding a Contact 

To add a contact.
  1. From the Dashboard, search for the student by last name.
  2. If the search returns with no match, click on the New Client/Student.
  3. Fill out the New Client form and select the appropriate Tags.
  4. Click Save.

  You can also create a new contact for an Individual, Business, or School/Program. Parents should be added as Individuals and not as a Client/Student. 

Adding a Related Contact

To add a related contact.
  1. From the student's page, go to the Add/Edit Related Contacts search box.
  2. Type in the last name of the individual that needs to be related to the student.
  3. If they are a new contact in the database, select New Individual.
    • Fill in the Relationship and then fill out the contact detail.
  4. If they are an existing contact, then select the contact from the search results.
    • Input the relationship into the Define Contact Relationship box.
    • Select the check boxes that apply to this relationship:
      • Referrer (REF)
      • Parent/Guardian (PG)
      • Legal Custody (LC)
      • Information Release (IR)
      • Web Portal

  To copy the client information into the related contacts page, drop down the copy box and choose the client.

 Quick Lists

My List

BestNotes gives the option of adding contacts to a personal quick list, called MyList, which is located on the left-hand panel underneath the search results. Contacts added to this list are always displayed and available for quick access.

To add/remove a contact from the MyList:
  1. Search for the contact using the search box at the top-left of BestNotes.
  2. Click the contact name in the search results below the search box to open the contact.
  3. Check or un-check the MyList box to the right the contact's name in the main contact area.

  Removing contacts from your 'MyList' does not remove them from the database.  

Special Situations

Inactivating a student

When a student leaves a program and has been tagged as “Past”, the user can inactivate the student so that their name appears in grey in a search result list or report. To inactivate a student, navigate to the student’s page and then click on the edit contact icon next to their name in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Once in the edit contact view, choose the inactivate option at the bottom of the screen after selecting a reason for inactivating.

Deleting a Student

If a need arises to delete a student from BestNotes, login as the System Administrator and then navigate to the student’s page. Click on the edit contact icon and then click the delete button at the bottom of the edit contact page.