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Add/Edit Related Contacts

To learn how to Add or Edit a related contact, click here.


For a full description of Data Forms and how to create them, see Data Forms.

Adding Forms

Located on the Forms tab is a light blue bar with a drop down menu and an Add button. To add a form to be filled out on this contact's page, select the desired form from the drop down box and click Add. Once the form has been added, click on the form title button underneath the blue bar to begin filling the form out.

Each form is automatically saved as changes are made.

To return to the Add Forms bar, click the page and pencil icon in the upper left hand side of the pane. To switch back to viewing and editing the forms, click the Forms tab to refresh the tab. (See Data Forms for form creation.)


Creating Tasks

To create a task, click on the clipboard green plus icon in the upper right side of the pane. A new window will appear where the subject and details of the new task can be entered. Setting a due date, assigning the task to another individual, and setting priority and progress are a few features of the task section. If the task needs to be invisible to individuals within the organization except the user, click the private box and it will only show up only on the user's taskbar.


Attaching Files

 User Permissions Required: Contacts > Files (contact the site administrator for user permissions)

Files must be 5MB or less in size (we recommend scanners be set to 100dpi/greyscale to prevent creating a large file size)

To attach a file:
  1. Go to the specific contact's screen.
  2. Click on the Files tab (If folders have been created, open the folder the file should be stored in by double clicking the folder name).
  3. Click on the Upload File icon in the upper right corner (green up arrow on folder).
  4. Click Browse and select the file to be uploaded (make sure the file name describes what it is, so it will be obvious in BestNotes).
  5. Click Add to Folder (The file will also appear in the chronological activity log based on the upload date).

Deleting Files

 User Permissions Required: Documents > Delete Files (contact the site administrator for user permissions)

To delete a file:
  1. Go to the contact's screen
  2. Click on the Files tab
  3. Click once on the file to highlight it
  4. Click on the Delete Document icon in the upper right (trash can)
  5. Click OK to delete the selected file
  6. Refresh the activity log on the right to see the file disappear from the activity log

Emailing Contact Files

 User Permissions Required: Contacts > Files (contact the site administrator for user permissions)

To email a file stored in a contact:
  1. Go to the contact's screen
  2. Click on the Files tab
  3. Click once on the file to highlight it (to select multiple files hold down the Control key while clicking on the files)
  4. Click on the Email File icon in the upper right (envelope icon)
  5. The default email client will open and compose an email with link(s) to the file(s)
  6. Enter address and send


Register Use

The Register is an area to keep track of transactions. The register fields are customizable, which makes the register an area for keeping track of anything from apartment inventories to time spent making marketing calls.

Creating a Register Entry

In the register tab, you will see an explanatory section and an area to create a new entry. The explanatory area of the register shows an explanation of the fields in the new entry area.

To fill out a new entry, select an option from the category drop down box, and continue by choosing the item code. Enter in the number of units and a charge will be generated based on the amounts assigned to the item codes.
 (For more information see Ledger)


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