Activity Log

Activity Log


Each contact's activity log is located on the right side of their face page and represents all the activity this contact has been associated with including appointments, uploaded files, and notes.

The activity log is ordered chronologically with the newest entries being at the top of the log.

Using the search feature at the top of the Activity log, the user can filter the activity log by type, and search the contents of all notes stored in the activity log.

Next to the filter and search bars is an icon which brings up a graphical breakdown of the frequency with which each note type is used, as well as when documents/media were uploaded to the contact's activity log.

Adding a Note

To add a note to a contact's page, click on the notepad with the green plus icon. A blank space will appear in the activity log and a light blue bar with additional options will be presented. First choose the note type by dropping down the Note selection box. The options that appear above the Template section will all be blank notes.

The blank notes provided in the activity log give you a way to quickly filter through the activity log to find a specific type of note.

Within the Template section you will find AutoNotes which have been added to your BestNotes (for more information see: Templates and Autonotes).

Using Templates

To use a template, select the template from the note selection dropdown box. Once the template is open, a screen similar to the one shown below will appear. The template is composed of blank fields and autonote sections. Hover cursor over a blue dotted line outlined area to see what type of entry is required to fill out the field. Blank fields can be filled out by clicking on the field and typing in the desired text.

Additional functions:

Using Autonotes

To fill out the sections labeled as autonotes, click on the corresponding autonote button from the selection pane on the right side of the screen.

Post Note Creation Options

Once a note has been saved, several new options will be available within the peach colored bar. From left to right a user can print and delete the note or add a ledger entry to the note (see Ledger). The pin icon when activated will keep this note at the top of the activity log. The Process Indicator icon can be given a number of purposes, such as indicating if notes had been printed for the hard copy file. When the lock icon is clicked, the note will be locked against all editing (this can only be reversed by BestNotes staff or individuals with the file audit permission within the organization). The globe icon, when activated, indicates to the user that this note has been made available to authorized individuals using the parent web portal. The send to feature allows the user to highlight a section of text and then click this icon to send that text to other contact's activity logs. Next to these icons are the save and exit icons.