Signing a Document

To digitally sign a document:

1. Open a New Note
2. Click on the icon with the green plus,this will allow you to select a single signer or multiple signers. This is located on the gray bar.
3. Once the note is completed, and ready to save, click the Save, Sign, and Lock button on the top right.
4. By clicking this button, it will lock the note and can no longer be edited or deleted. It will automatically append your signature and date to the note.
5. If the note is not ready for signatures, click the Save button. This will not lock the note and allow you to edit the document later.
6. When the note is completed, click Save, Sign, and Lock to add a signature and lock the note.

The steps for signing a template are the same. Signers can be added before or after the template is created. They must be added before clicking Save, Sign, and Lock. The note will appear in the Activity log with a yellow lock indicating this note has been locked.

Signing a note created by others:

If others within the organization assign documents for you to sign off on, those documents can be found under the calendar view in the For Review tab. Click on the For Review tab, review through the document and click Sign Entry. This will append your signature and date onto the document.

  If you lock a document that still needs to be edited. Please contact your system administrator to unlock the document.

Appending to a Document:

If a note is locked, but needs revision and signatures cannot not be removed, click on the Append button on the peach bar. This will allow someone to append information to the bottom of the document with any necessary changes.

Adding signers after a document is locked:

If you forget to add a signer to a document that has been locked, click on the signers button to add any additional signers for the document. This can be done without unlocking the document.

Send To  

The "Send To" function can be used by users to notify a staff member that a document needs to be reviewed before it is locked.
  1. To use this the staff member would finish the note then highlight the document title and down to the name of the client or however much the user wants to send to the reviewing staff member.
  2. Then click the "Send To" icon
  3. It will bring up the "Send To dialog box". Click on the "Q-Log" and add any text you would like the approving therapist to be aware of.
  4. Then "Save and Archive". The therapist will receive the Q-Log then be able to navigate to the client's page and review the note making any changes that are needed. If it is important that the clinician's signature appears after the originating signer then the therapist would lock the note, not "Save, Sign & Lock". If the therapist is the only one signing they can "Save, Sign & Lock and be done.

Client Pin Signature

The client PIN signature system allows a client and related contacts to digitally sign documents using a secret PIN number.  Contacts must be on-site to use the PIN system.

Setup Client PIN

In order for a client to obtain a PIN, users must have the Setup Contact PINs permission. (Contact your BestNotes administrator for this permission)

With the Setup Contact PINs permissions, users will see the letter e icon with a pencil. at the top of the page.

1.    1. Click on the Setup contact PIN icon. It will lock the screen of the BestNotes window allowing the client/contact to select their PIN number without seeing sensitive information. 

The client will type in their PIN number, confirm, and hit "Submit".

Client signing notes

To have a client sign notes, the user must first add the client as a signer on the document.

  1. Click on the Add Signers button.
  2. Choose the client's name under Logged Contacts, it will appear in green.
  3. On the activity log you will see a button letting you know the client’s signature is required on that document.
  4. To sign individual notes you can click on this button.  It will lock the screen of the user, and allow the client to add their PIN number.  This adds their digital signature to the individual note.
  5. To sign multiple notes at a time, you can click on the sign all notes buttonon the Activity log. This will lock the screen and allow the client to add their PIN number to all documents requiring their signature. This adds their digital signature to all documents that they sign.
    The sign all notes icon looks like this -