Emailing Documents

PDF Documents

BestNotes recommends printing documents to PDF. Documents converted to PDF can be read on any platform using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. This can be downloaded from Adobe's website at For more information on the PDF document format, see the Wikipedia page at

Additionally, free PDF printer software is available making it possible to convert any document to PDF simply by printing it. This makes it convenient for BestNotes users to create PDF documents from their BestNotes documentation and then email them to third parties.

Installing PDF Creation Printer Drivers

There are many free PDF printer drivers available on the web.  We recommend both CutePDF Writer and PDFCreatorCutePDF is light, fast, and straight-forward and handles all basic PDF printing needs.  PDFCreator is slightly more complex, but is also more powerful and has the added ability to print to many image formats. It is very configurable and has a queue mode allowing you to spool up multiple documents, even printed from different applications, and then combine them into a single PDF. Both applications are completely free and are spyware/adware free.

  Installation of PDFCreator does give the option to install the PDFCreator Browser Add-ons, sponsored by AVG, and the option to make Ask the default search engine.  Just make sure to un-check the unwanted options.  

Direct download links:
After installing either PDF printer driver, a new printer in the Printers and Faxes area will appear. They are both configurable when printing in the same way as any other configured printer's settings. Also, PDFCreator installs an application that can be run which is used to configure all of its advanced settings.

Creating and Emailing a PDF

To create a PDF document from BestNotes or any other Windows application:
  1. Open the document or view to create the PDF from.
  2. Click the Print button icon or link.
  3. Choose a PDF printer.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select any additional options, including the file location and name.
  6. Save the PDF.
  7. Open your email application and compose a new email.
  8. Choose the option to attach a file.
  9. Select the newly created PDF.
  10. Send.