When an individual who has been assigned the Teacher permission navigates to the Academics section of BestNotes, they will be presented with the Grade Book view of their first class of the day. there will  be a number of navigation options across the top of the page. From left to right the user can select the Academic year, section being viewed, teacher you are viewing the information for, and the view.

Assignment Plans

To navigate to the Assignment Plan, drop down the box labeled view and select Assignment Plan.

Adding an assignment

Before adding assignments, the user can create five sets of assignment plans and the assignments displayed are dependent on which set is selected.

To Add a new assignment:
        1. Click the Add Assignment link.
        2. Give the assignment a name, designate the set, select the term or terms the class will be assigned, select the type, possible points, and whether this assignment is part of the core curriculum.

If an assignment is marked as core curriculum, they will be a part of the assignment plans of all sections created in this class in the future.

        3. Once finished setting the assignment details, click Create to finish creating the assignment.

Editing an assignment

    To Edit the details of an assignment:
1. Click on the assignment.
        2. Make changes as needed.
        3. Click update.


To navigate to the Students section, drop down the box labeled View and select Students.

Viewing and editing students enrolled

Within the Students section, a user can print rosters, grade reports, and assignment reports. To edit a student's enrollment in this section, click on the student's name. From within the student's edit page, changes can be made that will only affect this student, such as boosting their grade due to extra credit, edit the time, days, or length the student will be attending this section. Any changes made within this section will only affect this student.

To navigate to a student's Face Page, click on the green arrow next to a student's name.

Grade Book

To navigate to the Grade Book, drop down the box labeled View and select Grade Book.


To manipulate the assignments from the Grade book view, click on the Assign link just below any of the dates across the top of the page.

Issuing Assignments

To issue an assignment, click on the Assign link below the day the assignment should appear. Previously created an assignment plans will be visible on the left side of the screen. To begin creating a new assignment, click on the Create Assignment button at the bottom left hand side of the screen. For details on creating assignments, see Assignment Plan section above. To issue an assignment, hover over the assignment and click the green arrow icon, this will a issue the assignment for all students enrolled in the class.

Editing Assignments

To edit an assignment, click on the assignment. For more information regarding these settings, see Assignment Creation above.

Unassigning Assignments

To unassign this from a student, click twice on the square that corresponds to the student and assignment, then click Save.        

Grading Assignments

There are three ways to grade an assignment:

            1. Click on the red target icon that appears when hovering the cursor over the assignment, then enter the grades.
            2. Click on the "Grades" link under the date the assignment was assigned, then enter the grades.
            3. Click on the block under the correct date and for the desired student in the calendar, then enter the grades.

After entering the grades, the user has the option to post these grades to the student's activity log by checking the log box.


To take attendance, click on the Attend link under the date that attendance is being taken. In the next window four options for marking attendance will be available; P= Present, T= Tardy, A= Absent, E= Excused). An area to write down comments is available (e.g. second absence). Also the user has the option to post the day's attendance and comments to the student's activity log.

Editing Section

To edit a section:
  • Choose the section needed for editing from the section drop down box.
  • Click on the grade book icon in the upper left hand corner.
From this area you edit the weights given to the different types of class work, and change the credit value for this section.

Whenever changes are made here that need to be applied to all students, be sure to check the "Apply Defaults to All" checkbox, otherwise these changes will not be applied to any students.

Editing Student Section

To edit a student's section:
  •     Click on a student's name
From this area the user can edit when the student attends class, the start and end dates, the class work weights, extra credit (in the Term Override), and enter objectives and report card comments. This is also the area to mark the term grading complete.

Viewing Student Assignment summary

To view a student's assignment summary, hover over the student's name. Click on the plus icon that appears to the right of the student's name.This area will show a summary of the student's attendance as well as all the grades for assignments that have been assigned.      


Video Tutorial

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