Academic Years

Within the Academic Year tab, a user can set the active year, the number of terms, and define the terms start and end dates. To choose the active year, select the year to be made active from the drop down box, then check the box labeled active and click Save.


Within the Periods tab, a user can define the periods used within your academic schedule. To add a new period type, go to the the New Period section and set the times the period will be associated with and then click save at the top of the screen.


    This section displays a summary of all classes and sections available in the Academics section. The Classes section is divided into Departments, Classes, and Sections.

Adding Classes

    To add a class to a department:
    1. Click the Add Class link next to the department.
    2. Type in a subject and description.
When setting term weights, the user is actually setting the default starting point for all sections added to this class. The Administrator can set four kinds of work and their corresponding weights as well as weights for Attendance, Behavior, Effort, and Participation. The total weight should equal one hundred percent. When a teacher creates an assignment, they will be asked which section the new assignment falls under. In this area the user must set the term grade which, when combined with the final exam, value should equal one hundred percent. Set the number of credits that a student can obtain to successfully complete the sections under this class. When these values have been set, individual sections can then be set for this class.

Adding Sections

    To add a section to a class:
    1. Click the Add Section (+Section) link next to the class title.
    2. Type in a title for the section in the Section Id field.
    3. Choose an academic year, location, teacher, and period.
    4. Set the maximum number of seats. (This number can be exceeded, it will simply notify you when the limit is reached.)
    5. Choose possible substitutes, and the days of the week this class meets.
Under the Terms section be sure to check all terms this section will be taught. Within this section the user can adjust the class weights (the weights that appear here have been inherited from the class setup).  Type in an objective and assign the credit value of this section. The default setup in this window will be applied to all students enrolled in this section.

NOTE: Information can be changed in the Terms section on a student by student basis.

Enrolling students

    To enroll a student in a section:
    1. Click on the Manage Enrollment icon found to the right of each section.
    2. Click the Add Student button.
    3. Search for the student to add to this class.
    4. Ensure all terms the student will be enrolled in have been checked.
    5. Amend any of the default settings as needed.
    6. Click the Enroll Now button at the bottom of the page.
Enrolling a student in a class can also be done from the student's face page by clicking on the Academics tab.


The attendance tab will show a summary of attendance for all classes on a given day. By clicking on any class, the user can see the attendance for each student in a given class.


This area contains a variety of reports to be used in monitoring students performance.

Student Schedule

The Student schedule report will display a printable view of each student's schedule. The results of this report are filterable by school year, term, and type. When printing this report, it is important to note whether the Page Breaks box has been checked, as this will determine if each schedule is printed on it's own page. To print one student's schedule see the Academics tab.

Class Roster

This report allows a view of the class roster of all classes in BestNotes. You can also filter by year, term, period, and teacher. When printing this report, it is important to note whether the Page Breaks box has been checked, as this will determine if each roster is printed on it's own page.

All Student Schedule

This report is a grid view of all classes being attended by a student where periods and student names are the axis of the grid. This Report is filterable by year and term.

Academic Probation

This report is used to view students with D's or F's grouped into categories to find out which students have the most of one or both of these grades. This report is filterable by year, term, and subject. A grouping of students by tiers is possible as well. (An explanation of each tier is located to the right of the tier title in parentheses).

Grade Report

This report displays each student's grades in each class he/she is taking. This report is also filterable by year and term.

Missing Assignments

This report displays each student's missing assignments for each class the student is enrolled. This report is also filterable by year and term.

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