Creating/Editing Users

Creating Users

To create a new user, click on Settings, click the Users button and then the New User button. Next fill out the information in the box that appears.

BestNotes recommends using all lower case letters in the userid and password fields, also the recommended format for user ID is (first initial of first name)(last name).

By selecting a user type it allows loading of the default set of permissions for the user. Once a user type has been chosen click the Load Defaults link. This will load the default permissions for a Regular user or an Administrator.
NOTE: When you change a user from Administrator to Regular user or vice versa, all permissions are cleared. You must hit load defaults or nothing will appear when the user logs in.

The Provider check box is used to add this user's name to the list of available providers to assign new clients to. There are four possible providers and the vocabulary can be changed to Doctor, Psychiatrist, Counselor etc. based on the needs of your company.

The right side of the screen is where the System Administrator assigns which Access Tags this user has permission to view.

Force password reset
is to be used when a new user is setup or a password is reset. This will force the user to reset their password the first time they login.

When finished with the top portion continue to select user permissions below.
NOTE: that once a User ID is set it cannot be changed.

Inactivating Users

 If a need arises to Inactivate a user from BestNotes, anyone with the Manage Users permission can navigate to the Users page, click on the User's name that needs to be inactivated. On the right-hand side underneath the Access Tags box is an Inactive checkbox. Check this box and save the user. That user will no longer be able to log into BestNotes, however they can be reactivated if the needs arises.     

User Permissions    

To view a list of user permissions, go to the User Permissions page.

Tag Notifications

Tag Notifications allows a company to notify specific users when a tag is changed on a client. This is useful for companies who have a process of moving responsibility of a client from one employee to another and helps move the client through an admissions process, or through a placement process throughout the company. Any tag that is checked in the Tag Notifications will send a notice to the user's For Review Tab.