Managing The Master Treatment Plan

Editing the treatment plan Goals Objectives Interventions


To get to the treatment plan library, click on Settings from the dashboard then click on Treatment Plan.

Adding goals and objectives

To add the predefined Goals and Objectives, first choose which library should contain the goal or objectives that will be added. Then choose from the dropdown menu which diagnosis this goal or objective will be associated. Once the library is selected a button will appear below, which will allow you to add a goal or objective. To add a goal or objective, click on the Add Long Term Goal or Add Objective button

Editing Goals and objectives

To edit the predefined goals and objectives, first choose which library will contain the goals or objectives, then click on the specific goal or objective that needs to be edited.

Editing Objectives and interventions

To highlight a word in red, enclose the word with the letter h inside of square brackets [h]. To create an area with a default value, enclose the value in double square brackets [[ ]].