Two types of tags exist in BestNotes.

1. Access Tags: these tags are used for limiting a user's access to specific client's information. (Note: the user must be logged in as the system administrator to create and edit these tags.) An example of this would be, the system administrator does not want the admissions staff to see past students' information, so create a "Past" access tag and assign it to all past students . Do not give permission to the admissions users to see anyone with the "Past" tag, this will limit their access to past students' information.

2. Category Tags(includes both user and fixed tags): These tags are used to describe or categorize contacts. These tags can be used to assist in creating reports. An example of how to use these tages is, when a group therapy session for clients with an eating disorder is held, create an "eating disorder group" tag, and tag each participant in this group with this tag. GroupNotes and information can now be sent solely to this group.

Creating Tags

To create a new tag, simply click on the tag icon with the green plus above the column of tags in which to add.

Editing and deleting Tags

To edit and delete tags, click the tag that needs to be edited or deleted then make your changes or hit the delete button.