Reset Password

Open the User Details Screen

Settings > Users > Select a User

  • Type a new unique password in the "Password" field that meets the security requirements of your company.
  • Retype the password in the "Verify Password" field. When you leave the field it will verify that the information in the "Password" and "Verify Password" match.
  • Check the "Force password reset" check box. This will allow the user to use the password given once and then they will have to select a new password known only to them.
  • Save the changes.

Reset Locked User account

Navigate to the Users Screen

  • When a user has locked their account (meaning they attempted to log in more than the maximum allowed times) their name will appear in red.
  • Click on the name.
  • You will see a new button "Unlock User".

  • Click "Unlock User" and "Save". 
  • The user can now attempt to log in again without changing their password. 
  • If the user's password needs to be reset then please see Reset Password.