Creating a new Data Form

Navigate to the forms creation area by clicking on the Settings button in the bottom left hand corner of the page. In Settings click on Data Forms. A list of previously created Data Forms will appear.

  Viewing an existing form is a good way to become familiar with the process of form creation.

To create a new form, click New Form at the top of the Data Forms screen. A prompt will appear to give the New Data Form a name. Enter the desired name in the box provided and click Save. When creating a new Data Form, first identify the number of rows needed for the data sheet. 

  Each header and every question will take up one row each.

To add rows simply click on the add button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Continue this process until the correct number of rows hav been added.  Each row has an Order number, Label, Data Type, Size, Default Value, and Id. Each of these fields is editable (with the exception of the ID).


The number placed in the Order section will designate the order in which the rows will appear in the finished form. 


The label field is used to enter your question or the section header. 

Data Type/ Size

Data Type designates what type of row this will be. Options in this field will be text, which allows for a blank line in the finished form. Multi-line text allows multiple blank lines. Date allows for a date picker in that row. Check box places a checkbox next to the label text. Select box allows for a number of options to be selectable. Section header is simply a way to have a header row. Size is only used when text or multi-line text is set as the data type. When used with text, data type size designates the maximum number of characters that can be used, when used with multi-line text size designates the number of lines displayed.

Default Value

Default Value is only used when select box is the selected data type to provide the options to be selected from. To add options in the Default Value field type the options separated by an astericks (*). e.g. 1*2*3*4.

Reordering Rows

To reorder the way rows appear in the finished form, simply change the number of the rows in the order column.

  If the order number is changed on a single row, the other row's order numbers will not be changed to correspond to those changes. Best practices would be to renumber every row to avoid having duplicates or skipped numbers.

Form Management

Adding Forms to Contact’s Page

To add a data form to a contact’s page use, first navigate to the contact page. Once at the contact page click on the forms tab. Select the form to add to the contact's page from the drop down box and click add. The form is now usable on the contact's page.

Viewing a Form

Once a form is created, the most recent completed form will appear when clicking on the Forms tab on any particular contact's page. To view a different form click on the button representing that form within the Forms tab.

Deleting a Form

To delete a form select the form, then click on the edit icon in the upper left hand side of the forms tab once there the form can be deleted.